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"We chose Fort Knox after looking at several alarm companies including most of the "big names" in the industry. We selected them because of their pricing and excellent on line reviews. Set up was quick and pleasant. We had an issue with the technician not putting down the correct emergency services number to be called if our alarm went off, but once management became aware of this they were quick to rectify the problem and expressed genuine concern for our happiness with the system and company. I've not dealt with another company that was so quick to communicate and ensure customer satisfaction and am glad to know they aren't just another big company who considers you a disposable number. " "As a business owner, protecting my store is of utmost importance. I called around and went with Fort Knox Security because they quoted a fair price and had good ratings and reviews. The installer was on time, dressed professionally and talked to me about placement of sensors. He also walked me through how to add different users for my management team. After the install I had a few questions about the permit and the customer service team went above and beyond walking me through the process and making minor changes to my call list. The system installed works flawlessly and I am very happy with my Fort Knox experience.